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D I A | N O I T E


As day turns to night, so too does DIA evolve on your skin. 

Massage a bit of unscented lotion on your skin. Apply perfume to one or all of your primary pulse points. Pulse points include: behind the ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, behind the knee.


The night brings mystery as well as possibilities... NOITE promises all this, and more.

Layer on top of DIA, or apply to a different pulse point where the heat from your body will activate the scent more intensely, and ensure your scent lasts. 

Before getting dressed for the evening, apply DIA on the left shoulder and NOITE on the right shoulder. This leaves a lovely sillage that lingers in the air when worn.

The “sillage” in perfumery evokes not only the signature of a perfume and its lasting power, but also the person who wears it. It is the soul of the perfume.

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