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Amanda Polk has loved perfume ever since she wore Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds as a girl of 14 years old. From this memory, she was inspired to create something that was truly a representation of her self. After receiving a Certificate in Perfumery from New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she launched Saudade Fragrances. In Portuguese, Saudade [ soh-dahd; Portuguese soh-dah-juh ] translates as a deep emotional state of nostalgia and longing.

Polk created an elegant dual perfume travel tube, a daytime scent on one end and after-hours on the other. The travel tube is recyclable and reusable; and with sustainability in mind, Polk ensured it was also a vegan and cruelty-free handcrafted product. The dual case easily tucks into your purse or pocket, with the idea of applying the appropriate scent depending on how the day unfolds.

Saudade’s inaugural DIA – NOITE travel tube includes both day (Dia) and night (Noite) versions of a lush multiuse scent, adding freesia and French vanilla for the day version, and deeper notes of Stargazer Lily and Tunisian Pathouli to the night one.

When not traveling, Polk splits her time between Palm Beach and Washington, D.C.

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