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About Saudade

 In Portuguese, Saudade [ soh-dahd; Portuguese soh-dah-juh ] translates as a deep emotional state of nostalgia and longing.


Saudade is an elegant dual perfume travel tube, a daytime scent on one end and after-hours on the other. The travel tube is recyclable and reusable; and with sustainability in mind while also a vegan and cruelty-free handcrafted product. The dual case easily tucks into your purse or pocket, with the idea of applying the appropriate scent depending on how the day unfolds.


Saudade’s inaugural DIA – NOITE travel tube includes both day (Dia) and night (Noite) versions of a lush multiuse scent, adding freesia and French vanilla for the day version, and deeper notes of Stargazer Lily and Tunisian Pathouli to the night one.


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